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The Importance of Having Christian Symbols around the House

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    The concept of symbolism has prevailed in all religious systems and every human culture since the earliest times. Symbols and signs act as vital objects upon which prayers and thoughts can be focused. They act as teaching tools and pillars of faith, pointing a path through the spiritual world. The presence of a symbol in the house reminds the people around the house of their religion and their faith in God. It serves as a representation of their devotion to God and their willingness to serve Him and follow the path shown by him. (Information Credit: )

    Symbols do not have any power. They are not forms of the Lord or religious objects of worship. They are merely symbols that highlight your faith in Jesus. To be truly attached to your beliefs, your faith in Christ should impact every part of your home and family, including your senses. Your faith will govern how you live your life and how you take your decisions only when you allow it to. So, it is important to have practices and symbols that reflect your faith around your home.

    The use of symbols was established by God himself to remind His people of His faithfulness, acts and words. He instructed His people to write His words on the doorposts and gates of their house in Deuteronomy 6:9. Again, God asked Joshua in Joshua 4:1-7 to place twelve stones in the Jordan where God had parted the waters for His people; “as a memorial to the children of Israel forever.” Christ instructed His disciples in the symbols of baptism and communion as representations of resurrection and remembrance of His sacrifice for sin respectively.

    These are not symbols that can be placed inside homes, but they were deliberately practised and placed to remind God’s acts, His faithfulness and His words to His followers. However, there are many other symbols that one can practice and incorporate at home to remind their family and visitors about their faith in the Almighty. The cross is the most famous Christian symbol that signifies suffering, sacrifice, repentance and exclusion. You can wear it as a part of your jewellery or hang it on the walls of your house. The fish is another symbol which is widely used by the Christians to identify each other in difficult times. Other symbols like the crucifix, the Alpha and Omega, the Sacred Heart, the Fleur de Lis, The HIS and Chi-Rho, the Dove, The Crossed Keys and the Lamb are also included in and around homes by people of the Lord.

    These symbols serve as evidence and models of what it means to be Christian. It holds the power to unite people sharing a common faith and proclaim their belief. The symbols can all have different meanings and interpretations but they are all reminders of God’s sacrifice and His powers. They are not, however, magical charms, just objects that help us remember Him and have faith in Him.

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