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Bom Bolenath EP – Earth Is Flat


Birmingham based duo Earth Is Flat have made a good home at Bit Phalanx having just released their album “Away from here and now” and spending the last couple of years touring the UK with the label. Bit Phalanx is based in London and have an eye for the avant garde with an international roster such as Coppe’, Barbara Morgenstern and Zach Thorp. These artists each have a unique identity and bring something different to the sonic table. One of the stand out tracks from Earth Is Flat’s recent album is “Bom Bolenath” featuring vocals from Nature Ambassador aka Stegafegan. I have seen this track performed live over the years and it always got the energy level on the dance floor jumping! Now the tune has been released alongside a fistful of great remixes with Jungle, Dubstep and space aged beat flavours that share a tasteful connection with the original. This release has also been joined by a music video from Director Quy N. Sam.

To give you a quick translation and background to this release; “Bom Bolenath”Bholenath (or Bolenath, Bhole Nath) (Sanskrit: भोलेनाथ, Bhōlēnātha) – one of names of Hindu god Shiva”, “Chillum smoking is a bhakti yoga ritual for Naga Babas, it is their offering to Shiva, always accompanied by mantras “Alakh Bom” and “BOM BOLENATH”. The ritual of offering hashish to a Deity comes from very old times, has a shamanistic origin (in any shamanistic tradition priests used similar natural substances), and is not connected with the use of drugs “for fun” as it happens now in the Western culture.””  

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