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Earth is Flat – Debut album ‘Away From Here and Now’

Longtime friends of Listening Sessions, Earth is Flat, have just dropped their debut mini-album through Bandcamp and in their usual fashion, it combines earth shaking low ends with a psychedelic abstract style to create a unique fusion of contemporary bass music. Both of Polish origin, Kamil Boguslawski and Kamil IIcewicz have settled in Birmingham and it is from here that the two have crafted their latest musical creation. The 8 track release, titled ‘Away From Here And Now’ is out on Bit-Phalanx Music and is a jaunt through a kaleidoscope of musical textures which sees Kamil and Kamil experiment and innovate with contemporary bass music to bring something very unique and well produced to the table.

The first track ‘Natural Selection’ opens with a droning atmospheric which provides a sparse backdrop for rambling clicks and taps of percussion, this then develops and grows before ebbing away to make space for a room filling sub that rumbles and rolls like a tank were shaking its way down the street outside. As the track progresses we find the addition of some elegant metallic percussion which raps out a steady head nodding rhythm and a hauntingly effective eastern sounding flute.

As delve deeper down the rabbit hole we find a remix of Benjamin Yellowitz’s ‘Blue Light’, this one kicks off with palpitating throbs of sub-bass which are later accentuated by some wickedly produced breaks and percussion. It’s a lot heavier than anything we’ve seen so far on the release and the waxing and waning low end engineering is a beautiful companion to the unhinged drum work, the fleeting murmurs of chopped vocals serving to round it off nicely.

‘Zoom’ is the next one that caught my attention and what stands out here is the way that the duo have disregarded the dominant forms of production and have instead opted to unleash a truly experimental number that is brilliant in its frantic avant-garde approach. It fuses skittering and chaotic yet gorgeously synthesised breaks alongside a pounding kick led rhythm and draws from a variety of influences,  techno, dubstep and jungle just to name a few. The way these guys have collected sounds and styles then effortlessly amalgamated them to create something alluringly unique just serves to reinforce the understanding that these guys are truly immersed in bass culture, both as producers, and as listeners.

Looking forwards sees us come across ‘Triban Anja’ produced alongside Andrzej Postek and Phill Ward. This takes a more laid back approach than its predecessors resulting in something deep and melodic and with structure and sounds that will be familiar to the more traditional dubsteppers amongst you. That’s not to say it’s generic though, the production is absolutely top quality and the addition of some tender strings, a bassline so deep it’s scraping the planets core and Earth is Flat’s trademark hallucinatory soundscapes make it again, a very distinct and unique track which displays the versatility and ridiculously high level of skill these two have to offer.

Elsewhere on the album, ‘Birds And Bees’ featuring Mari Petterson mixes an innocently crooned vocal with a thumping rhythm and more gorgeous eastern influenced instrumentals. ‘Investigation’ channels an almost electro vibe and ‘You Already Know’ allows its low end engineering to meander and roll across a mind bending background of glitchy atmospherics and skitty percussion. Finally ‘Bom Bolenath’ is a hazy, almost hip-hoppy track which allows the dark atmospheric production style of Earth is Flat to play host to some wicked rap stylings courtesy of Birmingham’s Stefan Quarry AKA Stegasounds.

Overall this is highly experimental and creative piece of work which absorbs many influences and styles before utilising these with wicked efficiency, if you want to catch a ride on the new wave of underground bass music then Earth is Flat are a fine starting point and with production levels this high on their debut release it’s exciting to think where the future could take them.

‘Away From Here And Now’ is available on digital, CD and limited edition cassette.