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Get to know: LHORON


LHORON is a producer that caught our attention after stepping up and taking part in our recent showcase events at the Dark Horse in Moseley. LHORON has a unique style that fuses different styles of UK Bass Music, and performed a set with 100% original productions that got the dance floor moving at last month’s showcase!

Introduce yourself – who are you and how would you describe your music?

I’m LHORON a Producer, engineer and live audio tech head from the West of England. I’m 3rd generation English with a mixed heritage of West Indian – Southern American, Middle Eastern and 5th generations Irish / British Descent, #ROOTS. West Midlands being one of my Home Counties. I am a Female; happy/proud Heterosexual, pronouns are LHORON and
Producer. I would describe my music as #DEEPTRANCE, miscellaneous and/or dark, miscellaneous being that I’m not entirely genre specific and I like to play with versatility.

How did you get started with music production?

I had always been surrounded by music growing up coming from a musical family back ground and my parents had always had me enrolled in extra curriculum activities, some being music instrument practice and dance lessons. Funnily enough, one day I remember in school. I assume that this moment had stemmed from the fact that I servilely lacked interest in a few specific lessons, so I was removed from class one day and put into a room full of apple macs. That turned out to be where I ended up going most days in substitution of those lessons that used to drain me. Myself and a few others were segregated to that new room full of apple macs practicing sequencing, our individual tasks were to make an instrumental.

LHORON's logo

LHORON’s logo

What would you say are your main influences – musically or otherwise?

Musically I’m at that stage where I listen back to myself and it influences me. Otherwise but more so that inspires me sometimes; a good film/series, literature and/or poetry-spoken word, the weather, then I’m going to add, silence.

Tell us a little about your production workflow – any software or hardware you use, any special techniques or sources that are indispensable to your sound.

This is a hard question. I’m not sure I can summarise my production workflow at the moment because it’s just as it happens, Il have to give that processes more assessment…. but subscribe to my channel on YouTube LHORON PHARAOHROSEGOLD MIZZMOLAYPRODUCTIONZ and on patron LHORON for reveals, what gadgets and programs I use and unbox.

I haven’t done a video on this one yet but the Behringer Xenyx mixer interface. One of the first studio mixers I ever used but I have the one which is condensed into 12 input mixer, I’m sure everyone knows what I’m talking about but it’s something I really appreciate, very handy equipment, I take it out to gigs when I’m DJing to intensify my sound and I use it for micro studio hook ups. It is my favourite piece of hardware at the minute and has been for a long while as its uses seem to be able to adapt with my requirements over time and morph with the endless evolution of my artistry, it keeps up with my demands, great investment.

What do you do when you’ve lost your musical mojo?

Sleep on myself. Lol no for real. I never really think I lose my musical mojo. Having an independent approach to being a
business woman, means that music is only a piece of my work, so if I’m not making music or supplying/administering music, there is always the business side of it that wants doing, like the admin, finances, marketing, other content creation etc., for me it’s not just about making instrumentals all day, there’s more too it.

I’m working with a few selected artists Ms. Bittersweet and a few more, so I tend to lock in to what they are working on currently or slap on a few tunes that we have already made for a flair.

What are your favourite and least favourite BPMs to work at?

I don’t have a least favourite or a favourite at the moment but I think working with under 100bpm can get technical when it comes to rap, though I can always appreciate a good rap instrumental that keeps me interested.

When you make music, where do you start?

My mood & my thoughts.

If you could go back to when you first started out and offer your former self one piece of advice, what would it be?

As an attractive female in a world full of social pressures, conformities, expectations and social standards, it’s so easy to be in environments and around people that do not serve you or your purpose. I would tell myself that I am not missing out on anything.

Can you tell us one thing you really appreciate about the Birmingham music scene and one thing you think could be improved?

I appreciate that no one sounds the same. I can’t pick anyone who is involved with the Birmingham music scene at the moment and say that their content sounds the same as another’s.

I think that what could be improved, is mainly with the artists themselves and that is toDROP THE MUSIC, DON’T BE SO SELF-CRITICAL. There are so many amazing artists which I have encountered, their sound had captured me because I had been able to relate and enjoy it and they had seemed to be slightly doubtful or seemed to want to discuss all the
flaws in the sound after I was able to appreciate what it was, that kind of breaks my heart a little. There’s Way too many critics (opinionated untalented critics) and that have so much to say about the art scene in general which creates doubt or demotivation, block them out, I truly believe that they are not important.

When you’re not making music, what other interests and hobbies do you have?

Is it still a hobby if its paid? I’ve been DJing in the clubs and bars, partying with the people at the same time as doing up taste maker & selector, it’s a win win. t’s always interesting to witness the connection built between me and the party goer because of the way or what decide to I play. It’s always a great experience. #TribeBusiness.

Do you feel Listening Sessions has helped you progress as an individual artist?

Listen, Listening Sessions is one of the safest spaces for musicians to date, no matter where you are in the world, you need to make it a point to pass through at some point of life and experience the vibe. I think it’s important that places like these exist, like what I said about too many opinionated untalented critics, there’s no such thing at LS, people just enjoy the vibe and gravitate to what they enjoy. Me personally I like to experience new, fresh sounds and LS is the perfect place for that.

Which other Listening Sessions producers are you feeling at the minute?

Honestly, I enjoy all the LS artists content because the sounds are all different as I mentioned before that’s what I enjoy about music and arts, the individuality but its unique listening experience that everyone brings. ANALIAS for me at the moment is cold. Don’t be a lie, is my obsession at the moment my favourite track to mix after SLAINE Bad man I had witnessed live at a LS event earlier this year. Shout out to Big Chocs Solar Impact, which I had remixed live on a FM radio platform in February. I love to be in my alchemist mode, that’s where I feel like I can properly take in new music so make sure you get your tracks to me (basically I want tracks off everyone!), Human Synthetics incredible Bright sounds, also large up AS’TEKA coming through with vibes big in Eastern Europe right now, very interesting sounds indeed☺ I’m just excited for the future of music as WE make it<3.

Where can we hear more of your music?


All streaming platforms “LHORON”.

My mixcloud for all previous live shows and mixes.

SoundCloud “LHORON” for mixes only.

SoundCloud for productions “LHORON PHARAOHROSEGOLD



Do you have any upcoming releases, events or other stuff you’d like to promote?

NU WAVE, 1, 2 & 3 on bandcamp – out now!! ENJOY
“Created Nu Wave during the lockdown and was first released as a private listening pack sent directly to the emails of
working artists and writers. A big shout out to all the recipients for the feedback and collaborations. The NU WAVE projects are now out and more accessible for many more listening heads to experience. – LHORON x”