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Listening Sessions SHOWCASE: 1/10/15

As the Summer draws to a close and the colder months encroach, we keep positive here at Listening Sessions HQ, because this means one thing to us – all of our favourite local producers retreat to their studios to put together some fresh new music to share with us all!


A selection of the Listening Sessions regulars will be showcasing their latest work as usual, spanning a range of genres and tempos and displaying the true sound of Birmingham’s underground. Expect to hear the usual blend of styles – Drum and Bass, Reggae, Dubstep, Hip Hop, House, Techno and much more!

For more information or to get a slot to come and play your music, see the Facebook event page here.

1. M : Pathy (SoundCloud)
2. Goosensei (SoundCloud)
3. Made / Serene City Records (SoundCloud)
4. 22 Recordings
5. Yilan (SoundCloud)
6. BakeBeatz (SoundCloud)
7. Rondema (SoundCloud)
8. The Deviant (SoundCloud)
9. Krow (SoundCloud)
10. Brainstem (SoundCloud)
11. TERRORBYTE (SoundCloud)
12. Slaine (SoundCloud)
13. Rolldex (SoundCloud)
14. Chemist Rns (SoundCloud)
15. MoJoe (SoundCloud)
16. Rediknightz (SoundCloud)
17. Free Slot!
18. Free Slot!
19. Free Slot!
20. Free Slot!