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Seb Selects: Bastard Man

Seb Selects is not about favouritism or Bias, it is purely to put a spotlight on the producers who come to Listening Sessions to showcase their tunes. Each month I will select one producer to put in the spotlight.

This month in the Spotlight is Listening Sessions regular: Bastard Man.

What stood out for me most in Bastard Man’s tunes that he showcased was the authenticity shown, regular Drum and Bass made different with the fact he implemented his own drums, chopping them up and manipulating them, you can really feel progression within his tracks, when I listen back to them I can truly appreciate the time and effort he puts in.

When I got a chance to ask him about his tunes, he told me a little bit about the process he goes through when making music:

“Whether it be a full drum beat, chopped, or quantized. That combined with synthesis done on reactor, the korg monotron series, sampling records or random field samples from day to day sounds of whatever I think sounds good. Rather than being quite progressive or choppy and changey, I more rather find a vibe and go with that whilst adding or taking away sounds in the process of the whole tune and making subtle changes here and there.”

He got into producing a year and a half back with a Tech member from his University (Mick Harris, former drummer for Napalm Death) being a major influence. When talking to Bastard Man about where he’d like to go with producing he replied:

“I have no idea where to go or take it”

Regardless of where he plans to take it or where to go with it, his producing value is there and with each tune I find myself engaged with his mixture of dark electronic vibes, DnB, and whatever other subgenre he wants to throw into the mix. Keep your eye on this one kids!

Below are the two tunes that Bastard Man played at Listening Sessions (05/05/16)

To The Cosmos


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