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Alternative Architecture 01 – Rawtrachs


The first release coming out of Futurepast Zine‘s new sub label Alternative Architecture is here. Three tracks from the maestro himself that are instantly recognizable as being Rawtrachs creations! He is the mind and driving force behind “Futurepast Zine” and coincidentally (maybe) I think the word “Futurepast” sums up his sound, with textures nodding back to the golden Drum & Bass era and bass-lines that go deep enough to match. Although every track is at a different BPM: The Lotus Agenda – 140, Unknown Unknowns – 170 and Vibrational Frequency – 160, all of these tracks are infused with Rawtrachs signature sound which keeps growing stronger and going deeper.

Make sure to go and grab a copy!

P.S – It’s “name your price”, but donations are nice 😉