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Burlish – Guest mix for the Body Count Show on Radar Radio 01/02/16



The INWYK maestro and vinyl enthusiast, Burlish, recently cooked up a very tasty sonic treat made up of 100% his own productions as a guest mix to feature on Sully’s “Body Count” show on Radar Radio. These are words from the man himself:

“Hello !¬†The first half of this mix contains VIP’s of track’s from the 2010-2014 Greyest Hits¬†compilation that will be released through INWYK in 2016. The second half is made up of 3 other tracks that are a bit more recent…I hope you enjoy it ! Thank you for listening.”

Tracklist (All made by Burlish):

Hashish (Swimming Mix)
Dream Sequence
Octave Won (Won Octave Lower Mix)
Felix (Off Track Mix)
You Arn’t Real (Computer Conscience)
Eastern Snippet
Forgot Track Name
Flutes Of Negativity
Fuck Things

Make sure you keep an eye out for our next event on the 16th of April in Birmingham where you can witness Burlish live in the mix.