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Get to Know: Luvnoise

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We have got a live act performing at our showcase this month, a relatively new duo called Luvnoise. Luvnoise (Celia & Will) are from Birmingham and they create an electronic grunge sound with vocals and hardware. Read more about them below, and catch them live on stage on the 3rd of November as part of our next showcase.

Introduce yourself – who are you and how would you describe your music?

Luvnoise, we’re a duo from Birmingham, and we’d describe it as acid grunge noise dreams.

How did you get started with music production?

Will: Old korg analogue modelling groove boxes and bad Roland drum machines.

What would you say are your main influences – musically or otherwise?

Will: Rebel MC, Trax, Sleaford Mods.
Celia: All sorts really, it’s a hard question. I think we both have very varied tastes, I like some of the new Boy Harsher tracks which are up our street electronically, but I also am inspired by bands like Cocteau Twins and Sexwitch, it’s all over the place.

Tell us a little about your production workflow – any software or hardware you use?

Hardware: Roland TR8S and 303
Software: Ableton
Roland Tr-8s

Roland Tr-8s

What do you do when you’ve lost your musical mojo?

Both: going to gigs helps to inspire us again creatively.

What are your favourite and least favourite BPMs to work at?

Will: Oh mate! I’m glad someone has finally asked! Anything mid tempo between 100 and 118 is awkward, but we’ve ended up doing a lot at that speed. I don’t think I have a favourite I just definitely have ones I don’t like so much.

When you make music, where do you start?

Will: Tapping out beats in real time on drum hardware.
Celia: Will usually shows me something he’s come up with and if I’m feeling it I will either improvise something on the spot or refer to lyrics I’ve written that will fit the tune.

If you could go back to when you first started out and offer your former self one piece of advice, what would it be?

Will: don’t overthink it

Can you tell us one thing you really appreciate about the Birmingham music scene and one thing you think could be improved?

Will: I think its not pretentious at all and we have an authentic music scene, an improvement could be more cohesion between different music scenes.
Celia: I love it generally, I feel lucky to live in a city with such opportunity to see a variety of music, and we have some great venues.

When you’re not making music, what other interests and hobbies do you have?

Will: feeding the crows, and cooking.
Celia: I’ve seen Will feeding the crows recently that’s true. His cooking is pretty good tbf. I like all sorts tbh, anything creative I usually take to. I’ve been a visual artist for a long time so I guess painting and drawing is my main interest aside from music.

Where can we hear more of your music?

We have just released Charm Fatigue as a single which is on YouTube, Spotify etc. We are hoping to release another track soon :)