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Heavy Rotation: Slaine

Slaine, photo by Thumbs Photography

Slaine, photo by Thumbs Photography

Slaine is up first to take part in our Heavy Rotation series! He is a Birmingham Drum & Bass heavyweight, bossman of Ghost Snares and a long time member of our Listening Sessions community!

Heavy Rotation is about five releases that you have been playing every chance you get – those EPs/singles/albums you always draw for a track from in every set, or always add in your playlists. They can be as mainstream or as underground as you like, and don’t need to focus on a certain genre. 

Release 1

Title: OPTIV STORIES – Evolution EP

Artist: Quadrant and Iris

Top Track: Sour Rip

Slaine: This track represents everything I love about Techy dnb and is from two of my absolute favourite producers. This project was set up to honour the sound of the mighty OPTIV who sadly isn’t with us any more.

All proceeds going to Optiv’s kids Leo & Oscar. Support the project, here!

Release 2

Title: On My Own

Artist: Necrotype

Top Track: On My Own

Slaine: This is a beautiful track, bridging the gap between dnb, drumfunk and ambient electronica, from the always amazing ‘Futurepast zine‘ label.

Release 3

Title: Absolutely True

Artist: DLR + BREAK

Top Track: Absolutely True

Slaine: This Track is just pure funk infused techy dnb, executed to perfection, I’m also a sucker for an ‘Alien’ sample.

Release 4

Title: Hyperstone EP

Artist: Dawn Wall

Top Track: Fears

Slaine: Dawn Wall never fail to bring those spine tingling liquid rollers, and this is the epitome for me. Dreamy atmospherics, heart wrenching vocals and a warm sub keep this one on heavy rotation for me.

Release 5

Title: Spectrasoul -The Tube VIP (FREE TRACK)

Artist: Spectrasoul

Top Track: The Tube VIP

Slaine: This is the definition of ‘Heavy Rotation’ for me. I’ve been playing this track on and off for 10 years now and it never fails. I loved the original but this one has slightly more edge.I still draw for this most sets. Pure class.

Check out Slaine’s links for his up coming and recently released music below!


Our first Ghost Snares remix EP is out on 7/11/22 featuring Analias, J Dok, Prodigal, Polarized and myself, with fresh takes on previous Ghost Snares releases from the past year and a half.

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You can also grab my Album on Dirtbox recordings: