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Past Event – Listening Sessions: Thursday June 5th 2014

The next Listening Sessions event is just around the corner. We’ve been incredibly proud to host a consistently high standard of music, and we have a strong feeling this will be upheld at the next event!

In the usual Listening Sessions style, we are going to be bringing you another sixteen of the freshest producers from in and around Birmingham in a showcase format, each getting the opportunity to play three of their own tracks.

You can check out the event page on Facebook here!

1. Dubvine (SoundCloud)
2. M:Pathy (SoundCloud)
3. Wooda (SoundCloud)
4. Tsar Megha (SoundCloud)
5. Sekkta (SoundCloud)
6. Yilan (SoundCloud)
7. Rawtrachs (SoundCloud)
8. Poynt Blank (SoundCloud)
9. SPD (SoundCloud)
10. Joe Corfield (SoundCloud)
11. J-DOK (SoundCloud)
12. Asanyeh (SoundCloud)
13. Neil Carr (SoundCloud)
14. John Burbage (SoundCloud)
15. James Lawrie (SoundCloud)
16. Karollo (SoundCloud)
17. Jekyll (SoundCloud)
18. Free Slot!
19. Free Slot!
20. Free Slot!