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Listening Sessions SHOWCASE: 4/2/16

feb-showcaseAfter a short break for new year, we’re bursting back into action for 2016 with another showcase event! The roster for February’s showcase filled up a rapid rate once again, and all slots were taken within 12 hours of the event going live on Facebook – if you didn’t manage to get a slot and you have fresh music to play, come down early and we will try to squeeze you in!

You can see the Facebook event page here.

1. Jay Sirett (SoundCloud)
2. BakeBeatz (Michael Baker) (SoundCloud)
3. Manny Chemist Rns (SoundCloud)
4. Chemikal Recipe (SoundCloud)
5. Amad Brainstem Durrani (SoundCloud)
6. Joseph MoJoe Cheeseman (SoundCloud)
7. Yilan (SoundCloud)
8. Nuvaman (SoundCloud)
9. Werdna (SoundCloud)
10. FoxMind (SoundCloud)
11. AKR (Konstantin Rybakov) (SoundCloud)
12. Wooda (Tom Wood) (SoundCloud)
13. J Sour (Chris Johan Platt) (SoundCloud)
14. Krytikal (Dane Nixon) (SoundCloud)
15. Rawtrachs (Futurepast Zine) (SoundCloud)
16. Krow (Terry Krow Lewis) (SoundCloud)
17. DSP (Leo Prince) (SoundCloud)
18. M-Tao (SoundCloud)
19. Burlish
20. Hollo (Josh Hollo Steel) (SoundCloud)