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Listening Sessions SHOWCASE: 5/11/15

As Winter sets in and we approach our second birthday, another top-drawer selection of Birmingham based producers flock to PST Rooftop to display their latest works for our listening pleasure!

This month will also act as the judging platform for our first Listening Sessions remix competition, featuring remixes of tracks from RTkal, who is playing at the next Listening Sessions:LIVE event on 13th November. If you are entering a remix into the competition, be sure to show up early!

For more information or to get a slot to come and play your music, see the Facebook event page here.

1. Earth Is Flat (SoundCloud)
2. Rawtrachs (SoundCloud)
3. Yilan (SoundCloud)
4. EMP (DJ Enfusion & DJ Pegasus) (SoundCloud)
5. Konstantin Rybakov (SoundCloud)
6. L A Johnson & Baddesley (SoundCloud)
7. Nuvaman (SoundCloud)
8. Werdna (SoundCloud)
9. FoxMind (SoundCloud)
10. Asanyeh (SoundCloud)
11. Slaine (SoundCloud)
12. DAAT (SoundCloud)
13. Rondema (SoundCloud)
14. BakeBeatz (SoundCloud)
15. WXDM (SoundCloud)
16. Alex Naz (SoundCloud)
17. Chemist Rns (SoundCloud)
18. Krow (SoundCloud)
19. 22 Recordings
20. MoJoe (SoundCloud)