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Remix Competition: RTKAL – We Run/Dutty Kruff

In anticipation of our forthcoming Listening Sessions: Live event with Birmingham hip-hop artist RTKAL, we are pleased to present the first Listening Sessions remix competition!


RTKAL himself has provided us with acapellas for two tracks from his new Skunk Rock mixtape (which you can download for free here) – We Run and Dutty Kruff.

To get access to the acapellas, message us via the Listening Sessions Facebook page and ask for the password, then go here and enter it to download: ACAPELLA DOWNLOAD PAGE


All remixes to be considered must be brought to the November showcase event where a winner will be chosen.

Each producer may submit one remix per acapella.

Group entries are allowed, but count as each involved producer’s entry in the respective category.


First Prize: 2 tickets to Listening Sessions – Live with RTKAL & Trashbat, A Listening Sessions T Shirt and a handful of stickers

Second Prize: A ticket to Listening Sessions – Live with RTKAL & Trashbat and a handful of Listening Sessions stickers

Third Prize: A handful of Listening Sessions stickers

Good luck!