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Free Track: Krytikal – Illusions (Yilan Remix)

Moving on from Circular Jaw‘s stand out event with Wen at the intimate venue of Suki10c earlier this month…The team have just released a free 21 track compilation CJAW001: Weighty Sound featuring a great selection of contemporary Bass Music; futuristic, percussion driven tracks with a healthy dose of rolling sub to get the bass-bins working! A tune on this compilation that has been on our radar since it was first unleashed at one of our monthly showcase events earlier this year is Krytikal – Illusions (Yilan Remix) and instantly got heads turning as the tell tale sounds of Krytikal’s intro started coming through!

Yilan has tastefully kept the “mechanism” of the original track while giving it a new drive with a pumping kick & hi-hat combo, extra bass pressure and some alien like atmospherics . This one is guaranteed to set the dance floor alight !

Other personal favourites from the compilation are Glass Tapes – Atonal , Nuvaman – Cardiac Arrest (Terreux VIP) and FoxMind – Drum Format T3 

If you are in town this weekend check out the Quartz x Circular Jaw • House Party on 17th of October where I am sure you will hear some of the goodness from the compilation taking effect.