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Rawtrachs – Listening Sessions interview and Mini-mix for Live Arts Radio 107.5fm

For the 2nd episode of our segment on the Birmingham based Live! Arts Radio (Switch Radio 107.5fm) we were joined by the Futurepast Zine bossman Rawtrachs for an interview and a minimix where we spoke about his musical influences, collaborating with local artists and the forthcoming “Agents of Disruption” audio & visual project.

Rawtrachs (Futurepast zine) – Listening Sessions interview and minimix for Live Arts Radio 107.5fm by Listeningsessions on Mixcloud

Rawtrachs’ mix contains the following excerpts and loops and the track list in no specific order.

–       Drexciya – Aquatacizm
–       Animatrix DVD
–       Jesse Jackson – I am Somebody (Sesame Street)
–       Aybee – Akiara
–       Sun Ra – If you find Earth boring…
–       DMS & Boneman X – Catch 22
–       DMS & Boneman X – Sweet Vibrations
–       Alpha Omega – Don’t Believe the Hype
–       Alpha Omega – Nu Wave EP
–       Alpha Omega – Bad Vibe
–       Ned Ryder – U as 1
–       Ned Ryder – Lift Off
–       UR/Electronic Warfare – Illuminator
–       The Aztec Mystic – Mi Raza
–       Roni Size – Brute Force
–       Sileni – Twitchy Droid Leg
–       Underground Resistance – Amazon
–       Underground Resistance – Jupiter Jazz
–       Digital – Waterhouse Dub
–       Digital – Jah Step

You catch Rawtrachs live in action at our forthcoming event in December Listening Sessions Presents Rupture vs Skutta Round 2.