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Release: Docka – L15 EP [Out Now on Sustained Audio]

We had the pleasure of Docka (real name Matt Waters) showcase his productions at Listening Sessions and perform at the 3rd LIVE event earlier this year. He brought a tight selection of House, 2-step and Grime. It kept you bouncing but also had a refreshing darkness, reminiscent to the sounds of Grime instrumentals from its “golden era”.  10649922_260364844173799_8323788998277297792_n

Fast forward to (21/11/14) and we have the release of “L15 EP” out on Sustained Audio. The Ep is made up of 4 tracks, each with its own flavour but all share the ability to get a dance floor skanking!

Docka starts with Don’t Pretend (Like It Wasn’t)”, layered with a set of heavy bouncing percussion, pulsing bass and serious vocals samples!

 “Sun And The Moon” is my personal favourite from the EP. The track begins with deep atmospherics and the sounds of tide breaking on a shoreline, a potential nod to the track’s title. As it builds the sounds of a subtle trigger click and the wave of the moody bassline rolls out! For me this is the track that demonstrates the two sides of L15 best; bouncing funk (Sun) and grimey darkness (Moon). Maybe I’m reading into this analogy a little too much? You can decide:

docka (2)


Next up is “Stare”, some of you may recognise the introductory sample; it packs the weight! This is the Grime element coming through strong and I wouldn’t be surprised if “Stare” gets wheeled-up-a-plenty! The melodies would fit nicely in a classic Eskimo session and the 2-step percussion creates the space for the heavy bassline to do some damage. When it rolls in the “Stare” fashion on a big system things are going to rumble!

To end with “How I Knew” soothes the vibe up with classic funky drums and enticing female vocals chops! Not to be taken lightly, the bassline drives deep and the sirens will keep you on your toes ready for the next drop.

Docka – L15 EP is out on the 21.11.14 – buy it here.  

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