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Circular Jaw: Weighty Sound 2


Circular Jaw’s 5th release comes with a compilation packed full of dancefloor weaponry! Once again they set the levels with 12 tracks of dark UK Bass hybrids “from some of the finest artists in the new wave of Bass music”. Big shouts out to Wooda with Mangrove riddim, an absolute beast of a tune that we have had the pleasure of getting low too many a time during his sets with us! To finish the compilation off we have Earth Movement‘s Gust providing the perfect cool-down track after skanking our way through the rest of this release, but just when you think it’s going to be another one of his deep ambient trips, its bursts out into a twisted stomper of its own!

Cjaw005: Weighty Sound 2 is another solid release and available now digitally on all good online record stores.

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