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Krytikal – Live recording from Blackdown & Parris 16/4/16

Listening Sessions don Krytikal tore up the Club PST Digbeth roftoop at our last Listening Sessions:LIVE event TONIGHT РListening Sessions & Circular Jaw present: Blackdown & Parris with a set comprised entirely of his own productions and collaborations.

Here is the live recording of Krytikal‘s set with Natty D on microphone duties.

“Easily the most enjoyable set I’ve ever played, the vibes were unreal and the crowd was hyped. All tracks were produced by myself, besides the collaboration with¬†Goosensei and the remix by HEADGEAR.”

1.Krytikal – Katana [Dub]

2.Krytikal – Tachi [Futurepast Zine]

3.Krytikal – Untitled [Dub]

4.Krytikal – Rockerz [Dub]

5.Krytikal – Stranded [Dub]

6.Collision – Breakbeast (Krytikal Remix) [Dub]

7.Krytikal – Pulse K [Dub]

8.Krytikal – Militant Movement [Dub]

9.Krytikal – Illusions [Futurepast Zine]

10.Yilan – Contortion (Krytikal Remix) [Forthcoming Listening Sessions ]

11.Krytikal – Close your eyes [Dub]

12.Goosensei – Summon (Krytikal Remix) [Dubs Alive]

13.Goosensei & Krytikal – Reach Out [Dubs Alive]

14.Goosensei & Krytikal – Reach Out (Headgear Remix) [Dub]


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