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Listening Sessions SHOWCASE: 3/12/15

This month’s showcase event marks our second birthday at Listening Sessions! To mark our second year and the fact we have Listening Sessions presents Rupture vs. Skutta Round 2 taking place on the Saturday, we’ve decided to dedicate part of the night to another bout of Jungle warfare!


The tracks created last time (which you can hear here) were all top notch, so we are expecting nothing less this time – make sure you’re there to catch the breakbeat mayhem!

For more information or to get a slot to come and play your music, see the Facebook event page here.

1. Goosensei (SoundCloud)
2. Krytikal (SoundCloud)
3. SNJN Forest (SoundCloud)
4. Hollo (SoundCloud)
5. Onira (SoundCloud)
6. Wooda (SoundCloud)
7. Chemikal Recipe (SoundCloud)
8. Sebastian Obviously (SoundCloud)
9. Brainstem (SoundCloud)
10. FoxMind (SoundCloud)
11. Sigmund Frued (SoundCloud)
12. Yilan (SoundCloud)
13. Krow (SoundCloud)
14. Spinx (SoundCloud)
15. Earth is Flat (SoundCloud)
16. Rawtrachs (SoundCloud)
17. Dulahli (SoundCloud)
18. Hollow
19. Terrorbyte (SoundCloud)
20. Slaine (SoundCloud)