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The 2nd Birthday Listening Sessions Special on Live Arts Radio 107.5FM

As part of our 2nd Birthday celebrations taking place over the 1st week of December 2015 , with our showcase event 3/12/15¬†and our main event “Listening Sessions Presents Rupture Vs Skutta #2” 5/12/15 ,¬†Live Arts Radio kindly invited us to put together this special that aired live on 107.5FM on 24/11/15.

“On the show you’ll meet many of the local producers who’ve played at Listening Sessions as well as getting an insight into the underground music that’s being created in Birmingham right now. Expect plenty of heavy beats and rare cuts.” – Live Arts Radio

Below are links to the artists who were interviewed and music was included in the following show:

Goosensei : @goosensei

Un-Pronounceable : @alex-naz

RTKAL : @rtkal1

Brainstem : @brainstem0121

Onira: @onira

Farz: @farzmusic

Rawtrachs: @futurepastzine

AKR : @akrsound

Elkie: @elkie

DAAT: @daaaaaaaaaat

Head Gear: @h3adg3ar

Krytikal: @krytikal

Many thanks again to Kiz & Richard at Live Arts Radio!